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The Beginning

– Design, Engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Programming


Each individual Houreh Forged wheel set is entirely conceived and crafted in our FERNTREE GULLY/VIC and ROWVILLE/VIC based manufacturing facility.  Since the beginning, Houreh Forged has voluntarily chosen to produce locally.  As a result, we make full use of the outstanding talents of our Engineers and maintain full control over the quality of our wheels at every stage of the manufacturing process. 

Each wheel set undergoes a rigorous design and engineering process; doing so ensures a precise final product encompassing all of the dynamic needs of our client vehicles while infusing their personal tastes, from fitment and configurations to finishes.  At this stage, each wheel set undergoes a full Finite Element Analysis (FEA) taking into account curb weight, dynamic cornering fatigue, dynamic radial fatigue and simulated impact testing according to SAE, JWL and VIA standards.  Once completed and verified by our Engineers, the final model is sent to programming for lathe profiling and milling operations.




The Perfect Foundation

– APP 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forgings


Quality begins at the foundation of every product; a strong foundation is the basis for a quality result. Sourced and forged in our partnership company in the USA, we utilise APP raw forgings throughout the full line of our forged production. APP is the same OEM forging supplier for supercar companies such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

APP aluminium forgings are made with extreme pressure and temperatures to create a high integrity, multi-directional grain structure. The aluminium remains solid throughout the process as the forging dies press the aluminium into the cylindrical shape of a wheel. The forging is then spun to create the rim section and the resulting radial grain direction places the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating loads.  The result is ‘premium strength’ APP Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 aluminium forgings guarantee the highest quality and predicable grain structure and are TUV and AS9100-C certified.  The result is a superior foundation guaranteed to last, and a trustworthy, high-performing product which meets the highest standards of our team.


The Art of the Profile

Each profile offered is a unique combination of lines, curves and radii drawn up by our Engineers.  At this stage, the raw aluminium forging is machined to the rough profile of the wheel set ordered and is carefully sculpted to maximise concavity or rim half depth depending on the application.  Profiles are uniquely optimised to create tighter machining tolerances which minimises backspacing and excess aluminium, resulting in a lightweight forged wheel with the highest structural rigidity.


The Aluminium Canvas

Once the perfect profile is achieved, the raw aluminium components reach the HAAS CNC Mill where the Engineers design is converted into complex raw G-Code designed to be read by the mill.  This is where designs come to life as the G-Code commands cycle the mill through a series of pre-selected tool sets and milling paths into the face of a solid block of forged aluminium.  Using the highest quality CNC mills available in industry today, we are able to achieve extremely tight tolerances, minimising any rim run out and surface defects.

While industry standard tests runout (how round the final wheel is) to within 0.7mm, no Houreh Forged wheel will pass QC unless it falls below 0.35mm.  However, we are more consistently testing runout to within 0.2mm to ensure low runout numbers and no wheel vibration at high speeds.



Post Mill

Each section of raw milled aluminium needs to undergo many stages of debarring, hand filing, buffing and polishing before it is ready for coating.  A collection of tools allow our craftsmen to file and sculpt each profile to perfection, every edge receives the attention of a few hands before it is prepped for final coating.  This is the stage where high-lustre finishes and brushed finishes are achieved; wheels with multiple tones or brushed and high-lustre combinations will pass through the powder coating and metal finishing departments upwards of four times.

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