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Forged Wheels




Houreh Forged wheels are entirely conceived and hand-crafted in our FENTREE GULLY/VIC and ROWVILLE/VIC based manufacturing facility. Since the beginning, we have voluntarily chosen to produce locally and as a result, we make full use of the outstanding talents of our Engineers and maintain full control over the quality of our wheels at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Delivering the finest, lightweight performance wheel in its class, our performance-inspired philosophy has driven us to surpass the limitations defined by traditional wheel companies.

Changing with the seasons, each Houreh Forged wheel-set is authentically designed, engineered, manufactured and tested exclusively for you.

Why Forged Wheels?
Forged wheels are a lot more expensive compared to cast ones but they are lighter. Will I get any more benefits? That is the main question you ask yourself when you want to order one set custom forged wheels for your car.


Basically since thousands of years ago anytime we want to make a metal product stronger we use the forging process, like forging on knives or axes with hammer.
Wheels produced by real net-shape forging technology are extremely strong, durable and therefore safe because of the high degree of metal deformation (compaction) and nonexistence of typical casting defects, such as cavities and cracks. This is achieved with a properly aligned fibber structure of the aerospace grade alloy via a three-dimensional closed-die hot forging process in a hydraulic press of 10,000-15,000 tons of force and in conjunction with a special heat treatment. If subjected to sudden impact, a forged wheel does not crack and can be repaired easily if necessary.


Aside from being lighter than cast aluminium, forged aluminium has high specific heat values. Thus, intrinsic material characteristics ensure faster heat dissipation from the wheels and brake system, thereby prolonging the lifetime of brakes and brake pads. In addition, they represent an important safety factor.  Forged aluminium wheels also possess an exponentially higher damping factor providing for efficient absorption of vibrations, shocks, impacts and noise thus resulting in a significantly more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers and preserving the suspension system for longer service. 


The raw forgings need CNC machining between 7 till 10 hours on each wheel to form the final shape and application of the desired wheel. Our CNC machines accuracy is 0.01mm so the final product is extremely accurate in shape, size and fitting and let you enjoy driving the most.


Forged wheels are approximately 20~35 percent lighter than cast alloys. Forged aluminium wheels provide a further 25 percent reduction in weight, along with incomparably higher vibration absorption characteristics.  Light forged aluminium wheels stand out as a separate category representing best-in-class automotive products. These are predominantly used by professionals in high-end
racing/motorsports competition series. These are also selected by car enthusiasts worldwide thanks to their significant weight reductions and other important benefits. 
So most advantages in comparison to cast alloy wheels are:

Better fuel efficiency (by up to seven percent) and reduced CO2 emissions; 

Faster acceleration and reduced stopping/braking distance;

Tyre lifecycle increase, and tyre failure (blow-out) risk minimization; 

Increased longevity in brake pads and discs; 

Increased longevity of suspension system;

More comfortable and safer cornering/turning;
Wheel manufacturers tried to reduce weight on cast wheels by spinning and pulling the barrel of wheels and represent them by names like flow forged or rotary forged which is respect full but main problems are:

Cast aluminium doesn't have mechanical  capacity for forging;

Barrel on flow forged wheels are so weak and crack or deform easily; 

Face of the wheel get twisted by pulling and spinning the barrel;
Still no other cost effective replacement for forged wheels but if you need a wheel lighter than forged wheels, carbon fibber will be a good option.
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